Friday, July 29, 2011

Sid AKA Vicious274

A quick video from Sid Pereira popped up on his YouTube channel - Vicious274. Expect more posts from Sid in the future!

The Future Of Tech Deck

Tech Deck recently sat down with Steve James, the owner of Finesse Skateboards, for a new installment of The Skitchin' Insider.

Steve James, who is also part of the Tech Deck team, gives us some info about the new wooden 30mm 7 ply decks,  new bearing wheels, longboards and even Glow-in-the-Dark graphics. You can read about this and much much more by CLICKING HERE!

Homewood Mini Meetup

Last week Justin Rodriguez from Homewood FB held a little meetup over in Homewood, IL and I was able to attend! I had a great time and Justin's homemade park was amazing. Everything on the park is movable so anything is possible with some imagination. I hope to do it again soon.

I was also able to pick myself up a M4 with a heat transfer graphic!

I actually didn't do much filming but Justin posted a quick one up on his YouTube page.

Homewood Update

I have been reading a lot of comments regarding this next post but they are finally here, Homewood decks are now available in wider sizes! That's right, you can now order a deck up to 32mm wide. Make sure you head over to to pick up your very own. Like I wrote in a previous post everything is made to your order. You pick the kick height, amount of concave, the size and even if you want kingpin holes or not. If you can't find a deck here you need to check yourself!

Also if you decide to get the Smokestack graphic you choose the color of the monster and the color of the smoke.

Check out the colorways.

More Mike Schneider

Once again I bring you more Mike Schneider, 4 more videos to be exact! Make sure you hit up for all your fingerboarding needs.

First video titled "Super Mini" featureMike himself, John Cowart, Scott Biesboer, Chris Petranek, Ryan Chlumecky, Sam Aronie, Tim Alexiel, Pat McGinn and Doug Bodkin.

Next up Mike and the boys show off some tricks on the BRR limited edition golden rail.

Once again Mike and the Illinois Crew hit up the +Blackriver-Ramps+ G7 Park.

Last up, Mike teams up with Sid Pereira (aka Vicious274) for a quick mini.

And just because I can some skate footage with Mike and the IL Crew.

New Videos From Mike Schneider

Here is a few new videos from Mike Schneider...

First video Mike takes on the +Blackriver-Ramps+ G5 Plaza with the help of Flatface team member Ed Garner.

Next Mike and Ed team up with Pat McGinn to hit up what is described as the Cowart Plaza.

FingerSkateSelective's Fingerboard News (7-26-11)

New episode of FSS' Fingerboard News. Shout out week so there isn't much news today but we do get a sneak peak of the new Splitter Ramp from Aphilikshun. As always please support the companies that support Fingerboarding!